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  Happiest I've Ever Been.

21 days in to 2017 and I have felt the change I have craved for the many parts of last year. I am currently back in uni for my short semester and my timetable has been way too boring. Clearly, I've been so used to my uni's hectic arrangements that having two classes a week has left me a bit lost so, I took it to my advantage towards building a healthier lifestyle. 

I was at my healthiest and happiest 3 years ago - and that was the year I was most productive as well! I was reading The Creative Fight and this phrase hit me down to the core, "Shame is filled with self-hatred, regret is rooted in love". I regretted neglecting my personal goals and aspirations in the expense for maintaining my high CGPA. But regret isn't necessarily a bad thing, it pushes you further into being someone you aspire to be. 

My ability to grasp this idea has not only evolved my attitude and perspective, but it has honestly made me a happier person. Every day has been an adventure because I choose to explore the day. I have been working out, swimming, cooking healthier food, reading and writing on a daily basis now. It doesn't sound much but boy, I never had the time to do any of these before! I know, I know - I'm making excuses for myself and it happened because I gradually began to prioritise others' happiness instead of mine.

I'm really, really happy and I wish I can put it into better words than these. At this point of my life, I'd rather spend hours with people I care most about and who truly understand me rather than having small talks and gossips with those who crave for nothing more but false happiness. There are only so little true people out there, but I'm glad I found mine. 

My best friend for one, has been with me through thick and thin. Sha has been a pretty highlighted name throughout this blog of mine (ya feel special please) but she deserves it because she's the best! We now walk on different paths but we always go back to each other for advices or to just have random and non-sensical conversations haha.

Most importantly, to my other half who has helped me grow through the highs and the lows. I don't write much about him but he is no stranger to my frequent photo uploads or snaps on Instagram and Snapchat. He is really the best thing God has given to me and I'm so so grateful for his existence. Thank you for making my dream of trying out Kung Fu Panda's chicken noodle soup come true!! Surprisingly, we make a good cooking duo because it tasted real good lol. 

Life has never felt so good.

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