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  Purest Form

I am finally done with my second year in uni, and will soon further my studies in a more in-depth level as I progress to completing my degree in Communication. I have so much to write about, I'm not quite sure where to begin. 

The past two years of living independently (excluding semester breaks when I'm back to being a couch potato in the comfort of my home and cuddly dogs), I have dealt with situations that may seem quite unbearable to do single-handedly. Last year was the lowest of my lows - and that was because I allowed it to be. And that's okay - grieving over my loved ones was an inevitable phase as well as fooling myself into believing it was a great loss of ending a couple of ties due to the level of toxicity present. Caring too much can be very painful, but nothing is as beautiful as knowing you have lived your life as a genuine human being. 

No matter the situation, it is very liberating to know that God is with me in every step of the way. With all the complexities tangled within the heart and mind, it just takes a considerable amount of solitude to help one untangle the complications. When you are always clouded with the thought of maintaining your grades or building your career - you leave some of the simplest things in life unattended. When in times of difficulty, do not shy away from Him who welcomes with open arms. 

Fast forward to the now, I am in the process of re-connecting with myself as I begin to embark on a new journey with my passion. I have always been inspired to express myself when in times of sadness, frustration, and confusion. It is a new sort of feeling to be inspired by such happiness I experience together with my person. I could probably write a whole page (or maybe more) of how thankful and blessed I am for the endless support and words of encouragement he gives. 

I am still amazed at how life can be so incredible when things are laid under a different light. 

Everyday is just as good as before, but even better.


Sometimes, we discover the beauty of simplicity -
stripping down to its purest form; where all things are as simple as it can be.

Take a breather, little one -
it is never too late to rediscover yourself.

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