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  Breathing In The New
You know you're guilty of a long hiatus when your about me section states that you're two years younger than your actual age. It has been awhile

It's 2016 - and I wanted write down a good first entry of the year. I had plenty of time to think over my journey through 2015 and it was undoubtedly the biggest life lesson God has ever given to me - in every aspect you can possibly think of. I barely got out of it in one piece - but I knew I'd survive through it all.

A little bird once asked me, if I was given the chance to travel back in time to recollect and reconstruct memories, would I have taken it in a heartbeat. First thought - yes?!1 But after an in-depth discussion - I stand firm on an absolute no. I believe that God has His plans perfectly laid out for us. What happens, happens for a reason. It is one of the most overused cliché's but I strongly presume it is true. Either way, life will play out the way it is supposed to. 

Everything that took place in 2015 has drastically shaped my perspective on life and has rather played a part in my evolved personality and life values.


So, hello! 2016 is my year and I am adamant to make it that way. Just about two weeks ago, I reached the end of my 5th semester - which involved a 3 and a half month long internship. It was a definite privilege to be able to work alongside many talented and dedicated strategists in the social media industry. Blessed to have met such wise people that have taught me so much about the industry and life in general. Already missing waking up at 6AM for an hour long car ride with Ophie - filled with life talks as well as my daily lunch struggles with a colleague who claims ownership of the rapper name, n0m0neycalldaddy. I'm joking about the waking up at 6AM part. 

I say this quite often here but I'll say it again because it is a blessing that deserves to be mentioned an infinite amount of times. Living about a thousand miles away from home is equally living a thousand miles away from my family. I am lucky enough to have met a few friends in the west that have filled my heart with an abundance of warmth and love. 

My good friend, Rose and I had this sudden epiphany that we were best friends midway into a conversation of how we have been friends for 12 years HAHA. It never occurred to the both of us because we knew labels didn't stand a chance in defining our friendship. It goes without saying that Sha and Rose were my backbone during my lowest and my top supporters during my highest. I love them more than I love my chocolate bubble tea. 

I was also fortunate enough to have met a really great person who is very different but also quite similar to me. He emulates this unique blend of a person that is filled with kindness and selflessness  - which I am in extreme awe of. Not to mention, he is just as intrigued as I am with art in-depth art and movie discussions all day, errday.  I always found it hard to believe in the whole "You will meet the right people when you least expect to" but here I am, vouching that it is quite possibly true. 

As far as my fangirling journey goes - I have watched William Singe and 5 Seconds of Summer perform right before my eyes this year!!! No, three exclamation marks does not define the amount of happiness I have within me. It has been an amazing ride so far and I intend to keep the highs of my life as a tangible product just so I could relive it whenever I want to. 

To make up for my long hiatus - here is a little of what went on in February :) 


The greatest thing you'll learn is just to love and be loved in return.

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