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  On The Road Again 2015 Singapore
14:04 and I'm seated next to a talkative couple. The lady has been dominating the conversation ever since the plane took off. So here I am, respecting their privacy with my earphones plugged in listening to Tori Kelly's Foreword EP if you were wondering and writing this post on my handy or not so handy smartphone.

It's March and I'm done with my second semester! Hoorah! No surprise there, last week was extremely hectic. It always is, whenever it's the week of finals. This time round though, I was given a week off for study break and submissions - only because there was so much to revise in so little time! I had Media Law, Management, Visual Communication, Broadcasting and Advertising for this semester. It definitely wasn't as easy as my last semester but I enjoyed my subjects even though I constantly nag at the thought of tracing objects in Illustrator. Finals had me crying and sleep deprived. I couldn't have sat for all five papers with a calm heart and clear mind if it wasn't for God. Amidst the breakdowns and negativity thoughts like forgetting the important points, Hillsong United's Oceans and Planetshakers' Covered helped me enter a calm and tranquil state of mind. I celebrated the end of my semester with the best three day trip to date! I flew to Singapore with my friend, Jacquelyn. I went on the internet and searched the routes around the city and organized our budget the night before.

The morning of my flight, my sleep was interrupted with the most annoying and unusual ringtone. I expected Sweet Thing's Change Of Seasons. I woke up anyway and grabbed my phone from the bedside table. To my surprise, it was Jackie calling me via facebook messenger. "Why facebook?" I thought. It hit me that my phone restarted itself during the night and couldn't access my sim card without me keying in my code ; which meant I couldn't receive any incoming calls. On top of that, my alarm didn't go off either. "Wake up!! We overslept!!" said Jackie as I stared at the top right of my phone that read "07:57AM". Initially, we planned to get up at 6 and leave for the airport at 8. Obviously, that didn't happen but thank goodness we made it on time to catch our flight. Thinking we jumped over our one and only obstacle that day was a complete joke because once we landed in Singapore, we were stranded in the airport for almost two hours. Why, you ask? Well...Jackie didn't come prepared as she had zero Singapore dollars and only RM7 in her purse HAHAHA. What's worst is she couldn't get any money out from the ATM machines - cash advance didn't work either. It was a very stressful situation but we both kept calm. Alas, Jackie managed to contact her bank and everything was solved.

We had our late lunch at McDonald's before checking-in to our hotel. We then decided to explore our area a bit by taking a 12 minute walk to the closest MRT station to head to Bugis Street! Did little shopping and met up with an online friend - Jacinth, whom I've known since I was thirteen. We ate at Bugis Junction for dinner and had Koi's bubble tea omg their golden pearl is the bomb for desserts. 

11th March 2015, Wednesday was the highlight of my trip and possibly, my entire life. We woke up at 8AM and had our breakfast at Leisure Park before walking to the stadium at 11. Met a bunch of lovely directioners who shared the same love and passion for the five lads. It was definitely a lovely encounter. We waited in line for 7 hours straight - even through the rain! Sending a million virtual hugs to the organizers for distributing free raincoats and endless supply of water during the concert. We heard the sound check and by then, Jackie and I realized this was all real. Apparently while the line finally started to move, a few fans swore they spotted the boys peeping at us from the top of the stadium! As soon as we got through the gates, Jackie and I ran for our lives to secure a good spot by the stage. 

Local DJ, Lincey kicked off the concert with some sick beats for us to rave! It was incredibly cute, seeing all the little girls around me having fun as well. I felt like a big sister, making sure the kids around me were okay and whether they needed me to fan them in case they felt like fainting. The concert got delayed for an hour but they stalled the time by playing 5SOS on the screens...such brilliant idea, guys. Absolute genius. 


And then it was time. 
One Direction went on stage. 

All five of them were standing right in front of my eyes. I couldn't believe it. I was trembling! I can't count the number of the times I would just have a moment as I close my eyes and thank God, as well as my parents for everything. Told my mum about this and she said I'll be blessed with many more concerts to come haha! It was a dream come true. Never thought I would ever see them sing live, just a few feet away from me. At that moment in time, I knew anything is possible with Him. It was a great deal to grow up with the boys and, to see them succeed in the music industry? Well, it's just an incredible feeling. They were everything I imagined them to be. The concert was amazing. Left me speechless most of the time, confused at the fact that everything was real.

I can't find the right words to express myself but I'll say one thing ; up to today, the mere thought of that night swells up my eyes and the next thing I know, I'm crying out of pure happiness. Just thinking of that night brings me to bliss. All five of the boys stared right at me...and I can't help my fangirl heart!!! I really can't!!! This trip wouldn't be complete if it wasn't for Jackie ❤ Zayn's beautiful, Harry and Niall got my heart beating fast, Liam's charming, and Louis is one handsome lad. 

With all of that being said, minus the sweet part of my night - Jackie and I bought the standing pen B tickets...and boy, did I underestimate little girls. I had no idea they were capable of pushing, stepping on one's foot, and climbing over one another! It was to the point where someone threw their brand new iPhone 6 to the stage and Harry walked over to my side where I was standing to hand it back. I woke up the next day with sore legs, back and shoulder pain, scarred elbow, and a blister on my left hand. It sounds uncomfortable and painful but it really isn't :) Whatever the case, it was worth it! By the time we reached the airport to head back to KL, I was dead tired. Hence, numerous photos of me caught sleeping can be found in Jackie's phone. 

I kid you not that it took me three days to upload this video. I'm new with this current video editing software I'm using. But I'm glad I found my way around now rather than during a submission for an assignment. Anyways, here I present you - my first ever vlog! Have fun watching :) 

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