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  February Highlights

Hello! Before anything else, I know what you're thinking - "So Rhiannon, how was your SPM results?" 

If you didn't already know, results were out on the 20th. I was annoyed by the fact that I (and the rest of the ex-Franciscans) had to line up for an hour and a half at three different counters to get some paper stamped before receiving results. Looking at the bright side, it definitely calmed down my nerves. 

"I don't know what else to say, but congratulations Rhiannon." said teacher Wilfred. I took the result slip from him and ran to the corner of the hall. At that very moment, all that came to mind was "Okay, Rhiannon. You sacrificed so much and studied your butt off for this. You deserve it." *scans through paper* 

7 A's

For the first time ever - I was in a state of peaceful happiness. I got A's for all of my science subjects. What shocked me the most was seeing an A+ grade stamped beside 'Chemistry' and an A for Add Maths. So proud of myself and my friends! Only tears of joy were shed that day. :) 


February Highlights! 

#1 MIYAVI's Slap The World Tour


My awesome cousin, Jess invited me to catch Miyavi live. When life throws you free tickets and a freakishly talented guitarist together, the word 'no', no longer exist in my dictionary. Okay, I'll be honest with you. 
It was an AMAZING night. The minute horizon was on, everyone went crazy. The concert atmosphere was the best. All of my troubles didn't matter anymore. I was living in the moment. Everyone around me erupted into screams and applause. I didn't know the lyrics but I was one with his music. The next morning, my throat hurt from screaming too much. My neck was sore from violently shaking my head in time with the music. It was worth it and I would gladly do it again! Now I'm pretty much in this depressing phase of reminiscing everything. 

#2 Fashion photo shoot with Lewis Jay

I was a part of a fashion photo shoot at DPAC's black box on my last day in KL. Met up with Lewis Jay and assisted him with lighting. A really cool and fun guy to talk to! Lewis introduced me to another fellow Malaysian photographer, Victor, who helped me a lot in enhancing my knowledge in photography as well. Oooh, how I love meeting new people. 

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