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  Hello 2014!

[00:05] As I stare out my window, watching the fireworks...sudden waves of emotion are kicking in. My entire 2013 was centred on a quote ; Fall down seven times, get up eight. I have so much gratitude towards those who have made my year both memorable and bearable. Thank you thank you thank you. So here's to a new year! A year filled with definite goodbyes, tougher challenges, new friends, and unfamiliar surroundings.


Hellooooo 2014! Kicked off the new year by spending quality time with my family. It's nice being away from the city and just chill at a quiet place like this. Spent the day trying to make an origami crane, watching movies, and listening to Kadazan songs.

My cousin, Shaun and I were talking about good movies I should add on to my movie marathon and he recommended Insidious. Horror movie is just not for the faint-hearted me. But he keeps talking about it and I might actually give it a go. So tempting

I haven't written down any New Year's resolution but I am going to sit myself down at my study desk later and think about it. Tomorrow's the day when school reopens. It feels a little strange that I don't have a reason to wake up at 6 in the morning anymore but happy no less. Instead of getting ready for school, I'm going to start working on something. The long hiatus I was on has affected me and I need to fix it. I need some time off to look for inspiration. 

What you seek, is seeking you. 


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