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  Getting Creative.

I find it so important to have a positive approach to everything and anything. I am always on flickr looking for inspiration and eventually stumbled upon a 52 week self-portraiture project called Let's Get Creative. Something about this project seemed so appealing that I joined in the fun without hesitation when in fact, in my earlier posts I mentioned about not having confidence in doing a 52 week project yet again. Mm, yes I surprised myself as well. 

I started out a tad bit late but I've managed to catch up to Week 4 - which I am currently working on. Anyway, it's only been about less than a week since I joined but I've already made a few photographer friends and you know what's amazing? We are all walking on the same adventure path and we've got each others' back. I never really had friends who had the same interest and passion in photography like I do. I now realize that it is quite necessary to have them. Two is better than one lol cheesy hehe. But in all seriousness, I do mean it.

So far, this project has gained me a bit of self-confidence not like I didn't have any to begin with and totally destroyed all self-doubt! I am always going to surprise myself hahaha. On a different note, I created a 500px account a few days ago and I'm loving this online community for photographers. Amazingly, "2/52" and "Inevitability" got featured on their upcoming page and "Standing In The Dark" was on the popular page! 

It has really been an amazing week and so so so grateful for everything. Can you believe that it has been over a year plus since my first interview with TYC? I still can't believe I got interviewed even, haha. Ask me the same set of questions today and my answers would be a tad bit different than before.Well at least it shows that I've grown as an artist. 

I think I've dragged this for way too long, but for all of you who are curious - I'll be flying to KL next week for an internship at the House of Toi. For your information, Zang Toi is a renowned Malaysian fashion designer annnnd you can google the rest. I was lucky enough to meet him in person back in '10 and I am really excited for what's to come! 

Let's Get Creative 2014! 

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