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  Reunited ♥
Hi guys! I am finally back home in KK :) So my cousin, Jess offered me tickets to KidZania which was a really lovely gesture. The first person I thought of sharing this experience with was none other than my best friend, Fay. The last time we met each other was back in August so we definitely needed to catch up with each others' life.

Jess dropped me off at McDonald's. While waiting for Fay, I had my breakfast. It was a very calm morning if I ignored the fact that there were kids screaming and running around non-stop.

Fay got me the sweetest gift from her trip at Legoland. She had my name engraved on a lego keychain! Fay, if you're reading this, you'll get your overdue gift soon, I promise. ♥

After I was done eating, we walked over to Kidzania! What is KidZania? KidZania is a place designed to encourage learning through role-playing activities. There were around 90 professions to choose from. Basically, we get learn how the real world works. We got our cheque the minute we arrived which we then withdraw from the bank. 

Fay couldn't stop talking about how hungry she was so we went to Marrybrown and paid 15 kidzos. That's right, we didn't have to pay with actual money. Not only did we get free food but we got to make it ourselves! 

First off, I am not good at acting. Huhu, even I acknowledge that unfortunate but true fact. But just for that day...I managed to pull it off. I had a script when I worked at the Central Bureau of Investigation as a CSI.
Fay refused to do the part. HAHA I sounded ridiculous but I had fun!

Being the stingy kids we are, we spent very little kidzos. We were at a win win situation at the disco club. We had the choice to play a game and gain 8 kidzos or spend 10 kidzos to dance. Fay chose to play the guess the song game. I won the first round while she won the second. The staff were firiendly. They gave us extra 10 kidzos too. Woohoo!

I, on the other hand was itching to dance. Opposite of acting, I don't mind dancing in front of people. This goes way back to primary school where Fay and I would dance a lot. She has always been my dancing partner at heart! She seemed reluctant at first due to the sudden crowd in the club but I managed to force convince her. Hands down, the disco club was the best establishment! Unfortunately, after all that dancing...we realized we forgot to ask for help in recording. ;~;

After that, we stopped by the Cadbury Chocolate Factory and the theatre house to watch a fashion show. We then proceeded into taking photos at every picturesque spot we could find which included the jail. Partners in crime! Like, literally heh heh heh. :p

Our time at KidZania ended with a bang. We got to watch a fun performance by the theatre crew. Lucky us :)

It was a fun experience and it is all thanks to my cousin for getting us tickets. :D Sometimes, you just need to be a kid again! Fay had loads of good news to tell me and I am genuinely happy for her. Hah, when will it be my turn to tell her good news? Only time will tell. :)

Lesson of the day ; 
When all else fails, seek professional help. It comes with a price but the result is amazing. 

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