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  Cat Love
For the most part, I am not a cat lover. I don't really know how to love one either because they scare me. My aunt and cousin in KL owns a cat, Tora and then my sister decided to take in two more cats. Hah..hah..hah. I was terrified with the idea of returning back home with scratch marks all over. Fortunately, I only got scratched once and they turned out a lot less scary than I thought they would be. Let me introduce you to the cats!

As mentioned in one of my previous post, I finally met our new family member ; Tropicana. What a beautiful cat. I have grown so attached to Tropi. There was this one night where Tropi sneaked into the room and cuddled up to me. Ever since then, this cat has been so manja with me. ;~; huhu he also wakes me up in the morning by sleeping around my head.

The most timid cat in the house but also the most adorable one, Meow Meow. We like calling her by her breed though, Snowshoe. This cat has gone through so much and I always try to make her feel comfortable and loved. She is always sleeping around the house but I like that. Hehe I like having her sleep on my lap whenever I watch something on tv. She's really tiny too!!!!! Hee. 

Oh...the one who gave me nightmares when I was a kid. Haha kidding! Meet Tora, the oldest cat in the house. The one who is responsible for my scratch mark. T_T" When he isn't chasing or scratching my feet, he can be really nice to cuddle with. So fluffy!!!

There is this thing with Tropicana and Showshoe. We like to think that there were lovers in their past life. My sister got them at a different time and place. They are living proof that fate exists! :p Hahaha.

Look at this boy! Isn't he just the cutest ;__; Gah, I miss him already.

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