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  2013 : The Good and The Bad.

I am going to summarize my entire year in one lengthy post. Is that even possible? Not really sure myself but I'm going to give it a try.

Early this year I was full of ambition, eager to study yeap, you read that right, hungry for new experiences, excited to meet new friends and looked forward to making the most out of my last year in high school. Thank goodness I was healthy as a horse on the first day of school ; I was sick the year before and it was terrible. 

Photo by Neila.

School was fun as always. I had the best seat mates I could ever ask for. Sabrina ; My crazy, one of a kind, dancing machine friend. She has probably witnessed most of my embarrassing moments in class. Sadly, I can't change that. HAHA. And then there's Rosemary ; The lively girl with the Texan slang, a good friend. She laughs at my jokes...okay, not really. She laughs at me instead. HAHA.  She is all kinds of sassy! Lastly, lol is there a need for me to mention her? :p Hahaha, I'm just kidding. Natasha ; Classified as the most "Blonde" among us four and just full on perky. We can never seem to run away from being called by the teachers because we're always talking. It still amazes me how we constantly guess the answers correctly. We studied together, cried together lol, not literally...but we sobbed, and fed each other with words of encouragement. I'm really hoping we get the results we deserve. Only we know the hardships we experienced this year!

I made so many new friends this year! It sucks that I have very little more like zero photos with them. But fingers crossed we cross paths and this time I'll make sure to have a photo with them. Ironically, in a year that I should be spending most of my time studying, I went on numerous study dates, movie dates, etc.

But after every little happiness, comes the long phase of sadness. A series of unfortunate events came by. A few days before the day of my graduation, I lost someone very dear to me. My best buddy. My heart stings a little whenever I think about it. Tears starts to well up in my eyes and I feel like I am short of breath. I pretended like I was alright in front of my friends and family when I really wasn't. I remember I had to go to church the next morning and coincidentally, every song the choir sang was so relatable to the long friendship, loyalty, and love my buddy has given me that I just broke down in tears. I try to assure myself that she is in no pain now and running around happily in heaven.  

I also had to face a situation where my friendship was taken for granted and in some cases, unacknowledged. I made a decision to let go of a friend and someone who I have been holding onto for a few years. Because only then can I find happiness and make room for something better. Life's too short to wait for happiness to come knocking on my door and life is definitely too short to wait around just wishing. 


Today I woke up feeling much better than the past few days currently recovering from the flu and thought it was the perfect time to write personal messages and wish my friends. Later in the afternoon, I dropped by Suria to meet up with my girls who I haven't seen in a month. Just wanted to catch up with them before we go our separate ways. January will be a busy month for me and then I'll be flying to KL the next month for an internship with dun dun dun. Will be revealed next year heh heh heh. 

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