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  High School.

"Fear, uncertainty, and discomfort are your compasses towards growth." Change is good. After 8 months of late night studying, 21 papers and 4 weeks of exams, SPM is finally over and so is my high school life. 

Although I am extremely happy today, I also feel a bit lost and sad. There are so many lovely memories that I've made during my entire high school life. 

I remember attending my first day of high school, listening to the teachers explaining the rules and whatnot. I thought "Dang, this school is crazy. Why is it so strict here?". You see, my school stresses on discipline more than anything else. Pinafores should be at the length below your knee, or else your name will be marked. Hair must always be tied with a black hair tie and a ribbon. Nails should always be clipped and not painted. Shoes must be whiter than your pearl white teeth lol jk. In all seriousness, I felt like my school was suffocating me. But as time goes by, the rules I had to follow turned out to be a habit.  

My lower form days were filled with crazy acts, sports and competitions. Had the best time of my life travelling with my team mates to Malacca, KL, and Pahang. It was so much fun! I also had the opportunity to represent my school in a few film-making competitions. Then there was that time where I started running. Waking up everyday at 8 in the morning., rushing to the stadium, start training, and then straight to school. Yeah, it was a hectic three years for me but I managed to always get good grades and was placed in the first science stream class. I decided to take up English literature as an elective which made me change classes. Everything was so new to me. I have very little memory of what happened in class last year. Isn't it obvious that I fell for the honeymoon phase? Haha. I don't regret it though:p Having the upper hand in sneaking out of the class and buying food whenever we were hungry was pretty cool. 

My senior year wasn't pure bliss. I have never been so frustrated and puzzled before. I ended up lifting a little weight of my chest and decided to drop literature. Trying to adjust to the new subjects, being the new president of PRS and head of photography department in the magazine board, cheer practice, and the typical high school drama really took a toll on me.  Thank goodness I had my friends with me or else I wouldn't have known how I'd survive the year. 

A part of my high school life has been well spent in the library. It's like...my second home. Where I meet friends from other schools and we help each other. The short walk to the restaurant/cafe (?) in the park. Yes...I am going to miss it all. 

It has been an amazing journey. Looking forward to what the future holds. 

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