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  Catching Fire
Long before SPM even ended, Natasha and I had plans to hang out right after. You know when you're friends with someone for a really long time, you tend to have this best friend telepathy thing going on? Well, we didn't plan on skipping breakfast or having matching outfits yesterday. But it happened. Bought our movie tickets and bumped into a friend I haven't seen in the longest time. Then we had our lunch in Upperstar and we couldn't help but notice how depressing their music was. I wouldn't want to sit through a date listening to songs about heartbreak and all, just saying.

After lunch, we walked around while waiting for our movie to start. Bought very little things since I know I'll be on a shopping spree in a weeks time. Natasha planned on treating me my favourite pearl milk tea because I helped her out with add maths the other day. Anyone who is close to me would know how much love I have for this drink. Sadly, we were running out of time so we just had coke so sad huhu. The movie was really good! Can't say it was amazing because I haven't read the book yet, but I will sooner or later. KK is such a small world isn't it? Bumped into more friends. Met a few who were in the same hall with us even. Oh, what a coincidence.

Natasha, being my best friend was a little too happy than usual today HAHAHA. Natasha left right after the movie ended so I spent the remaining time walking around, shopping. Surprisingly, I didn't mind being alone. It was a lovely day. :)

Catching Fire  Next up, Thor, Battle of The Year, Gravity and Carrie!

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