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  Keep Moving

There's 25 days left 'til SPM and I honestly don't feel like I'm fully prepared. I got to have faith in myself right? I'm not wavering anymore and I have been studying consistently for the past few months. I admit, I am struggling with a few subjects at the moment but I'm getting the hang of it. I spent almost the whole week last week studying in the library. It was a nice change from my usual study place.

Reminds me of that day where I had lunch with a good friend of mine after our study session in the morning. My dad brought us to McDonalds. Esther had this brilliant idea to pour a whole packet of salt into her soda. She drank it. Her reaction was priceless. This is one of those days where I give myself a pat in the back for recording such a memorable event.

What else has been happening...hmm. Oh! I joined the 7K Sunset Charity Run. Huge surprise, I went alone. I met up with Kath at the starting line and ran together...for like three minutes until she decided to jog at full speed. Along the way, I met friends from other schools. Took me about an hour to finish. Not something to boast about, I know. But I'm so glad I didn't faint half way and made it to the finish line. The aftermath of it is a different story though. I was sore all over for two days and had to climb up flights of stairs everyday to get to my class. u_u 

Filmed a class video to present on the day of convocation. Had many complications but it all turned out alright. There was a scene where we had to run from something-that-I'm-not-sure-if-I-can-reveal and it was utter chaos. Imagine 38 girls acting all dramatic. I clearly remember being dragged by my friends and ended up scrapping my knee. I laughed it off. Everything was just too hilarious to stay unhappy! Ah, good times.

I have also been watching a lot of dramas and movies as a way to de-stress myself. I think I need to give my tear ducts a rest. The Master's Sun is currently at it's climax and there isn't a day I'm not crying. Results? Swollen eyes hoho.

I won't be blogging until a little over a month from now.
Can't wait to reignite my passion.


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