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  Team Spirit ✰

Apparently, the last time I blogged was about a month ago. Okay, wow. That's pretty long. But anyways, June was incredibly hectic. My daily routine was to come back at around 6 in the evening from cheer practice, study for a minimum of an hour and a half and then to bed. It went on for about three weeks. Everyone in the team were really friendly and hilarious which made every single cheer practice memorable. Can't say I wasn't exhausted from everything though.

I'm not one who does anything sporty in school but I do enjoy sports. From diving to running long distance, tennis to squash. But considering it is my last year in high school, I thought I'd make an effort to score some points for my house. That is when I spontaneously signed up to play hockey for my school's sports carnival. 

Everything came back to me and I remembered being in the hockey club back in primary. I was really looking forward to playing. Unexpectedly, I became the captain of my team. It was a tough game and I really appreciate everyone from different houses who were really supportive. Although we lost, the experience of making new friends, working together, having a great laugh, unleashing our competitiveness and most importantly, creating memories is what matters. I can't emphasize enough on how much fun it was!

I am extremely proud of myself for being brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and being so involved in sports this year. I am beyond happy that Boeing got second for overall along with Fokker house! It was surprising but I'm definitely not complaining. 

SPM is inching closer and closer and I've decided to put a hold on my 52 project for now. 
Studies comes first.
 I'll come back with more creative pictures! 

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