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I haven't been writing much about what's going on in my life have I? It wasn't like there was anything interesting to talk about anyways...sorry. But sure, I did meet a few unnecessary obstacles. Nothing to blab on that too! Hahaha. Midterms just ended about a week ago and boy was I stressed out.  It's at times like this when everything starts to turn upside down. I'm that type of person who plans for the day/week/month to avoid procrastinating. Coincidentally, I misplaced my study planner and now I feel slightly lost. 

My two week break officially starts today and it is also my last day to procrastinate. Made a study agreement with my friend to motivate each other to start working hard from tomorrow until the big day. Sports day is around the corner too! Which means...CHEERLEADING

Have been working on something for the past few days and I am beginning to feel sore all over. But you know what? I'd rather feel the pain of hard work rather than the pain of regret. Determined to make it happen and when I do, I get to cross out one of the many things I wish to achieve this year. Hoorah! :) 

I probably won't have much time to blog after this...but I'll be sure to post regularly on my page.

"Sometimes you have to stop worrying & doubting. Have faith that things will work out. Maybe not how you planned but the way it's meant to be"

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