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 I realized I haven't been to the cinema for about three to two months now...in other words...my social life outside of school is pretty meh. The environment in class is a little different with Ariel gone but it feels good having Christine and Regina sitting behind me again. Just like the old days. lol no it was just two years ago.

Stole this photo from Neila.

Here's a photo of the Editorial Board 2012/2013. Notice new faces? :) Everything seems a bit brighter now than before. We are one...which was honestly missing from previous years. After I managed to get a mark for my house /cross country/ I hung out with a few of the probationary members and spent our morning just talking about our biases and having a good laugh. Speaking of biases...EXO & Infinite's comeback. Ahah...ahah.... *spaz*

Can you believe my 52 project is a month old already? 1 month down, 11 more months to go. Looking at this picture, it really says a lot about me. Drawing keeps me calm on days when I feel stressed out from studying. I can't wait for the holidays to come so I can meet up with my friends outside of school!, catch up on my studies and exercise a bit.

"Why are you smiling?" "I can only get better!"
- The Odd Life of Timothy Green-

P.S. Never wear a thick sweater during the golden hour.
P.P.S I recently made an FAQ note on my Facebook page. If you have any questions for me, send me a message there!:)

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