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  Heaven's Door
03. Heaven's Door
My results from my first semester came out. I did pretty good! 1 A+, 1A and 2 A-'s. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain my concentration. Haven't been working out lately since I've been unbelievably busy. So happy that my stamina didn't fail on my today! Was able to get a point for my house in cross country. :) It's been a great week. Had loads of fun with a few of my juniors today. ❤ Oh, I had a impromptu haircut the other day. It's different...but I'm loving the change. I'll post a picture next week fingers crossed for my 4th week photo challenge.
Regarding the recent happenings in my country...I'm just glad that everything is alright...for now. My thoughts? I simply do not understand one's greed. Thank you God for answering our prayers. Thank you to the brave heroes who lost their lives protecting Malaysia.
Finally reached the 200 mark. Thank you.
"Stay strong little man and you can reach the sky. But first you got to clip those wings."

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