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Finally the week I've been longing for is here...and yet I feel so lonely. All my friends are either busy with curricular activities or they're in another state having fun. This is a sign isn't it? To get my head in the game. Everyone's been bugging me about my future too. Honestly, I don't know. All I want is to do something I love...and of course something that will pay the bills. Let's be honest here haha. With that being said, I asked my all time favourite photographer, someone I truly look up to, Zemotion. Tried my luck and thankfully she replied me. :) 

I finally got the hang of Flickr. I love how the community is so involved. I guess I'm slowly letting go of DeviantART. But no worries, I'll update it once in awhile. 

Let's do this! 


"If there is something I am afraid of, it is being lazy."
- Bi Rain -

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