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  New Perspective.

 I came back home last Wednesday and found a new laptop on my workstation! Just in time for me to work on my next project. Really grateful. :)
 I haven't been feeling well lately due to the fairly big amount of stress I have to manage. But of course, it is no where as stressful as those suffering in a terrible situation so I'll endure it.
Aside from that, I have been living up to my 2013  "Care less, Live more" motto. I'm not going to pretend that there isn't a single person out here who doesn't fancy me. Sure, I can take criticisms for my work. I'm all up for that! But placing false accusations is a different story. I won't dwell on such a matter that is so hilariously childish. Instead, I will take this as a valuable lesson. It's only February, but I've already learned to stand up for myself and handle things rationally.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I love K-POP, K-Indie, etc.. But my favourite group as of right now and most probably forever, is B.A.P. No, I do not go for looks. They have my utter most respect for creating music with powerful and inspiring messages. They have just released their 2nd mini album "One Shot" and oh my goodness it is extremely awe-inspiring!
There’s only one chance as you walk on this dark path
Shine the light like Martin Luther King
Get your mind out fo’ the gutter
It’s too early for failure, you’re still young
One shot, one chance.
"When you slide into the current and take what you haven’t earned, there is no happy ending. You will live surrounded by lies and lose the people you love."
Happy Chinese New Year!



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