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  Hello 2013!

I know I am about 2 weeks late but, Happy New Year! I'm currently in my senior year in high school and will be seating for an important exam by the end of this year. I devote most of my time studying while trying to live a healthier life. I've started skateboarding still trying to get hang of it and jogging regularly. Aside from that, I've been appointed as the President of PRS and Treasurer of Boeing House. Oh! I finally managed to watch Reply 1997 and it's amazing. I'm currently practising "All For You" on the piano. Yes I play the piano and yes, I am that obsessed with the drama! I've become a more optimistic and open minded person. Looking forward to what the future has in store for me:)

This entry turned out to be some sort of introduction...haha!

"There aren't many people out here who can do what you do. You have the talent and it's yours to keep. 
Follow your heart, believe in yourself and you'll get there." 


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