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A few weeks ago, I did an interview with The Young Creatives which is a Cosmopolitan-shortlisted creative catalog for writers, artists, designers and more aged 25 and under from across the globe. I am also the first Malaysian to be featured:) Check out my interview here!

I think this is the perfect time to write about my time with photography so far. I vividly remember the day I realized I might actually like taking pictures. It's a pretty sad case actually. It was the day my good friend ditched me lol. I was sulking away and I took out my phone with a 2 MP camera attached to it and shot a macro picture of my key chain. It somehow worked well as my stress reliever. So...thank you good friend for ditching me hahaha. Who knew I'd fall so madly in love with photography? 

This year, I had my mind set on actually doing something with photography. Honestly, every year I'd feel like a failure for not showing improvement in my work. I started from scratch this year. I had to get rid of that wicked attitude of hoping. There were a number of times where I just wanted to give up. It doesn't help when people start telling me it won't work. That I won't go far and that everything was just a temporary hobby of mine.

 I do crazy things and go to the extent of receiving a few bruises trying to shoot that perfect picture I've created in my head. Yes. I may look absolutely, completely out of my mind exploring through a dangerous forest risking my life. Most of the time, I get weird stares from people when I'm in my weirdest pose. Now that I'm a lot more mature, I'm starting to understand everything. I couldn't care less about what others think of me as well as taking the time to gossip. It's a waste of energy. The minute I do, I'm not doing anything for myself or my future.

I've got a pocket full of dreams. This is only the beginning. 

The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. - Oprah

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