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  After a Hurricane, Comes a Rainbow
Enough of all these entries about my outfits I wore and events I've attended. It's about time I blogged about my photography work! I discovered so many talented teenage photographers a few days ago which made a huge impact on me. Believe it or not, but within two days I came up with 30 ideas. I've done two shoots so far! I won't promise you that I'll post a new picture everyday though. I need to spend my November focusing on my studies before I can be the happiest person alive when December comes. :D Oh, and I thought I'd write a lil something about each photo I take from now on. I've always enjoyed reading a photographer's explanation on a photo. :)

Firework : Before anything else, my background is not photoshopped. My walls really do look like that ._. My idea was to shoot something I love to do. Obviously taking pictures heh. I thought I'd try out some textures and used a photo I took years ago. It was a really fun shoot! I thought this picture was a bit personal so I kept it as my profile picture. 

Midnight : Anyone excited for Breaking Dawn part 2? I am. Hehe. I just think this is a relevant topic to mention since I look like a vampire HAHAHAHA. I struggled a lot shooting this. Took me a long time getting the shot I wanted and spent about 3-5 hours editing. But it was all worth it! It came out better than how I pictured it to be. I wasn't wearing contacts if you were wondering. It's just all about the lighting. :)

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"Originality doesn't exist within a person, it never has, but instead we take everything we have ever seen, felt, experienced from everyone else and make it our own." - Tim Walker

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