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  Philippines August 2012 Part 2
This second part of my trip is mostly about my spiritual journey, and a lot of sightseeing. Somehow, we managed to squeeze in time to shop. Surprising, I know! Well, what can you say. It isn't a holiday without a lil shopping spree! 

On my second day, we went on full Tourist mode. Initially, our driver wanted to bring us out to Tagaytay. It is known for it's outstanding scenery and cooler climate. My family and I are Catholics and we weren't sure whether we had time to attend Sunday Mass. We made it a point to visit a chapel on our way to Tagaytay. 

We stopped by Tierra De Maria. Honestly, we had no knowledge about this place. 

It so happened that the person who started and built this place was around. Meet Brother Jiggers! He gave us a warm welcome and told us that many Malaysians visit often to get healed. He assured that we will leave the place with an amazing experience. No lie! 

What I experienced cannot be put into words. But I definitely felt a presence and found inner peace during inner healing.

Finally! Tagaytay! Oh, I love the weather here!! It wasn't too cold nor too warm. A bit like Kundasang. The view was amazing. 

Taal Volcano. It is said to be the smallest volcano in the world! :) It is also one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines.

The view from the restaurant located in  I'm not really sure since I can't seem to find the exact name of this place on google! 

We moved on to the Manila American Cemetery. With a total of 17.206 graves it is the largest cemetery in the Pacific for the U.S. personnel killed during World War II, and also holds war dead from the Philippines and other allied nations.

Twenty five of these large mosaic maps recalls the achievement of the US Armed Forces in the Pacific, China, India and Burma.

The chapel stands near the the center of the cemetery.

Inscribed names of the missing 36,828 who gave their lives in the service of America and who rest in unknown graves.

My family planned a surprise belated birthday dinner for me later that night. The TGIF staff were really nice! They sang and brought a bowl of ice cream to me. :')

The very next day, we visited the half buried due to volcanic eruption San Guillermo Parish Church. 

Proving the statement that it's a half buried church!


Look who came to say hello! :)

We had extra time so we thought we'd take the time to catch a cultural dance show!


We passed by pet village on our way back. So cute! 

I truly enjoyed my trip to the Philippines. Such a beautiful country! Missing everything already. :) It feels great being back home though. Hope you enjoyed reading my first travel entry and somehow be inspired to try out new things! 

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