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  Philippines August 2012 Part 1

Mabuhay! Recently I stated that I was on a hiatus because I went on a short trip to the Philippines. It was a great change from the usual Kuala Lumpur or anywhere in Malaysia trip with my family. Most of my favourite fashion icons are from Manila which, made me all the more excited about this trip. It was a great timing since everything was hectic at school before I left. Cheers to my first ever travel entry! 

The view before we landed in Clark! Thank goodness the seat beside me closest to the window wasn't taken. Hehe.

The weather was breezy and I loved it! If only KK's weather was like this everyday. 

On the way to Manila. Flooded land! 

I stayed in Makati for four days and spent the last night in Clark.

Manila's traffic jam isn't as bad as it is in Kuala Lumpur. The line somehow moves though since there aren't many intersections. I found it cute how people in the Philippines honk for communication purposes. Like a nice hello or thank you. KK on the other hand...haha.

Looks a bit like KK doesn't it? 

We visited the outside of St. Augustine's museum on our first day.

Unfortunately, the church was closed. :c So we moved on to Rizal Park which is located in the heart of Manila! 

It was so refreshing to see teenagers around my age having fun in the park. They had games, food and many more! 

The Rizal Monument. There were two security guards protecting the monument. I swear, they have good security in the  Philippines. They check your bags right before you enter the mall too. Which makes me feel really safe haha!

Introducing you to my sister! 

Random shot of the Embassy of the United States.

Somewhere in busy Chinatown. 

Simple lunch but it was glorious! During the entire trip I had bangus, lechon and my favourite Sinigang Na Hipon. Apparently sinigang is considered as a normal everyday soup. I will gladly live in the Philippines!! 

The first thing on my to-do list was to visit SM Mall of Asia! Reasons? Two of my favourite fashion bloggers are endorsers and lastly, it's the 4th largest shopping mall in the world. It's that huge even walking around was a pain. It is impossible to finish shopping in a day. I was able to squeeze in time to shop in Forever21 though.

A small but so much bigger than ours here amusement park is located right across SM MOA. Wanted to go on this but my grandpa couldn't walk anymore so we ditched the plan.

I had this little dream of becoming a figure skater when I was little. I still do harhar. There's a nice seating spot where you can take a break from walking while watching professional figure skaters skate. Obviously, I gave my feet a rest haha!

Ended the first day by indulging ourselves with Philippine cuisine.

P.S I just arrived yesterday night and edited 700++ pictures straight away. Oh the things I do for this blog.
P.P.S Yay for my 50th entry! This post is dedicated to Natasha. <3 font="font">

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