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This whole week was used to waste. Most of the time, I was watching old k drama's on my tv and if the disc wasn't working, I would continue watching a new k drama on my laptop. That was about it. Few days ago I planned with Ariel to finish up our Moral report together and so we... tried. We could barely concentrate today and out of nowhere, our junior, Aimie joined us too. She was about to study but...well...haha. :) 

Aimie and Ariel.

I was getting a bit hungry and they were starting to get bored so we ended up packing our things and moved to a nearby cafe. We didn't continue doing our report. Instead, we played pool! Aimie is seriously good at it. She won most of the games. okay all. Ariel and I teamed up because we were that bad. We had a blast playing our last game though. I surprisingly did a really cool "move/trick" I didn't know I could. It was a tough match but Aimie won. We made so much noise in the cafe! A lot of the customers kept staring at us because we were laughing, crying, shouting, jumping and even rolled on the floor.

taken with Ariel's  phone.

I had massive fun today! What an unexpected day where I met unexpected people.  Ending this post with a happy picture of me playing at the playground. Wore this really cute tee my mom bought for me a few years ago. Heh.

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