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  Whispered Secrets
I'm currently in my aunt's house right now because I'm in the midst of babysitting my cousin.  The weather is really nice isn't it? I love it when it rains. :) It gives a nice feel to laze about. Anyhoo I was listening to IU's You and I the whole day yesterday. It gave me a fairy tale like dreamy feeling and I was so inspired  I started cracking up ideas for a new photo. Fay told me to find inspiration in everything, and that's exactly what I did alright. 

I was hesitant at first on whether I should shoot it today. In all honesty, I wasn't confident if I could pull it off. But my inner photographer self screamed "Just do it already!". I guess you can say it was an impromptu shoot...with myself.  loner much. I'm not surprised if my neighbours think I'm crazy after I got caught climbing onto trees, digging soil etc. I sometimes laugh at myself because I do such silly things for the sake of photography. But that's the fun of it all, really :D 

So here's my take on a Fairy/Dreamy concept.

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